Coucou tout le monde
Je pars sur les routes de notre belle planète, ce gros globe bleu, notre maison à tous,
la bien nommée Terre (enfin je sais pas si elle est si bien nommée que ça mais bon...
chacun aura son opinion). Je vous propose de partager mon voyage à travers ce blog
et je vous préviens va falloir s'accrocher parce que ça va être une putain d'aventure!

Kiss'n love

lundi 14 juillet 2014

Back in France

I've been back in France for a month and a half now. I found my family and friends again and you can't imagine how happy that makes me feel. To see them, kiss them, laught with them. But I'm here, in the middle, and fall back into the routine of my life before my trip. Back to the TV, videogames, all kinds of screen, cut off the world. I feel desconnected from the world now that i'm back in my life. During my trip, every day I was seeing something new, tasting some new food, meeting new people more interesting the ones than the others. I feel like my life has no point here. I should be looking for a job right now and I just... wait. Wait for something to happen. That a bunch of monkeys climb all over me, that a caiman lands in my hands, that a bird takes a shit on me, something... But nothing is gonna get to me if I don't go out there and retake the control of my life.